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Sarah Beams

About the Artist Sarah Beams is a citizen of the Choctaw Nation with ancestral ties to the Okla Tυnυp Clan (People of the Other Side) and French settler lineage. She comes from a long line of skilled makers, including matriarchs who have sustained her family and community for generations. Sarah worked for the Choctaw Nation for many years in business development and marketing communications. She now supports Native nonprofits and Native-serving organizations as a strategic communication consultant. She is a registered artist with the Choctaw Nation.

Cultural Preservation Most Favored Woman features handcrafted, beaded items designed to preserve, share, and uplift Chahta (Choctaw) language, culture, and traditions while incorporating contemporary influences. It is named for the artist’s lineal ancestor Aiahnichi Ohoyo.

Cultural Appreciation MFW creations are open for all to enjoy. Non-Native individuals are welcome to wear them as a sign of appreciation for Chahta culture with honor, respect, and a commitment to learning more about the Indigenous Peoples whose land they occupy.

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