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Three Disc Earrings

Gordell Wright (Shinnecock) presents a striking pair of wampum earrings crafted with three discs in descending size order. Each disc is meticulously handcrafted from the shell of the quahog clam found along the eastern seaboard, representing the rich cultural heritage and historical significance of Native people in the Eastern Woodlands. The wampum discs, elegantly arranged, feature a sterling silver bead at the center, adding a touch of sophistication and contrast. These earrings, measuring W 1" x L 3.5", gracefully hang from the ear, showcasing their length while maintaining a refined and captivating appearance. Embrace the craftsmanship and symbolism embodied in these exceptional earrings by Gordell Wright.


  • CategoryJewelry
  • SubcategoryEarrings
  • ArtistGordell Wright



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